Spring Break

I know, I know, this is so overdone but let's face it. Folks always put this in the sand for spring break.:

It’s finally here.. I’m on Spring Break . That being said I’m in Wisconsin, enjoying with Bee. Spring is a nature’s way of saying “Let’s party” and by party I mean books. Bee and I went for book shopping this weekend and I snagged loads of books. Already, I finished two books which is quite a lot for me in 3 days. Bee is not an avid reader but he does read books. Work kept him busy over the past few years. Quite recently I noticed that he is getting back to reading and guess what!! he ordered a kindle for him. Not only flowers blossom during spring, also the love of reading!!
Books that I purchased:

The Grownup      Defending Jacob       Motherless Brooklyn    Anna Karenina   My Name Is Lucy Barton

The Dinner     The Easter Parade    The Chocolate Thief (Amour et Chocolat, #1)     You (You, #1)

Hoping to have a book review up soon..





Weekend with Bee

This is the most awaited weekend after three weeks. Yes, Bee is coming over. Okay, you might be wondering who Bee is and why would I be excited. A little bit of back story, here we go.. Bee is my lovely hubby. Bee and I have been married for 5 years. Since then we have been a resident of Wisconsin. I spent the first 2 years relaxing and taking my time  to  think what I wanted to do with my career. I know it was too long, but I enjoyed the break. Also I was on H4 visa where I had the option to just study at the moment. Finally I decided to do Masters and frantically applied to every possible universities. I’m going to be frank, I did get rejections from my top tier list. At the same time I was offered an admit with couple of universities. Out of which I decided to choose the best and that happened to be in the neighboring state Michigan, which means I would have to move to Michigan and Bee in Wisconsin. This is how last one and half year has been for us. Without Bee I wouldn’t have come this far in my career. Thanks bee… Okay that’s my post-married life in a nutshell.

Now you get why I’m so excited!! With V day round the corner, it’s just perfect that Bee is going to be here. More than V day I  love being with Bee. Happy weekend everyone!!!